Brucklay Pygmy Goats are a herd registered with the Pygmy Goat Club in 2008.

Although I’ve always loved Pygmy Goats it’s taken some time to have my own. When I lived in Perthshire I helped out at a local park – it was really to gain more experience with owls, one of my other passions, but my duties were to feed all the animals, of course, feeding the large herd of pygmy goats was great fun, running around an enclosure with a bucket of feed, getting mobbed.

We moved to Aberdeenshire for a bit more space and ended up with a pile of stone which my husband Allen rebuilt into our perfectly formed little cottage. Not long after we arrived on site and living in a caravan, I was looking for goats.

My first visit was to Caroline Ollman, not far from us, and left having booked 3 wethers and although they have their official names – their nicknames are Angel, Cole and Leo, due to arrive at the end of April. Then we managed to secure 3 girls from Pat Bell, this involved a lot of telephone calls and emails because of the distance from us – but it all worked out and at the end of March the girls arrived, nicknamed Prue, Piper and Paige, followed by the boys soon after.

Finally, our last girl arrived in June, Phoebe officially Inchyra Blueberry, but we now had all the ‘charmed’ witches for those of you that watch that sort of thing.

We’ve had many wonderful summers watching the goats through their daily routine of lots of noise in the morning to attract your attention to feed them, their strolls up the paddock, to their mad play time before the sun sets when they just go ballistic – no other word for it. In that time we’ve lost both of our wonderful border collies Blue at 17 and Tess at 18 and finally last year our beautiful ‘bear’ of a German Shepherd Sasha, they are still missed running about the paddock and warning the goats of a visitor, but now we have a young Collie Zip who makes just as much noise as Blue and has taken over the mantle of “visitor on the way”. The winters have been a little harder, frozen water, lots of snow and ice but they’re hardy wee things and as soon as the snow stops falling, they’re out and about like its spring.

Brucklay Pygmy Goats moved from Aberdeenshire to Perthshire, south of Glenshee so still close enough to Aberdeenshire for the odd show. It has taken a lot of time from starting with a blank canvas again to try and create the perfect goat haven – it’s not perfect yet as there is always a ‘new plan’. They do now have a secure hillside area to rough browse, big rocks to play on, hard standing area for those dull days and a lovely new goat barn which will last a while unless I keep too many – they are very addictive.