Kidding is over for this year we will be kidding again in December 2019/January 2020 – I will be getting hold of everyone who has enquired as soon as kids of the wanted sex are available. For girls I would like to hold a couple back to make my final choice once all are born – thank you for your patience. Please note reservations will only be taken with a holding number – if you need further information on how to get a holding number please ask/email.

If your just starting to think about goats and would like to visit to see them/their set up etc please email. We will be showing through the year so if your interested in goats come to a show and see what everyone has to offer. Like other breeders we only sell goats in pairs unless they are going to an existing herd. If you would like more information email ALL goat owners are required by law to register for a holding number and a herd number. This applies even if only two goats are kept in a back garden. To register contact your local DEFRA office. All goats must be identified by an ear-tag in each ear and goat movement document between holdings. If you are interested in having a pygmy goat in the future please get in touch.

  • Viewing the herd is welcome.
  • Viewing of kids is welcome after mum and kids are settled.
  • Bookings will only be confirmed with a deposit of £60 for wethers and £110 for females.
  • At around 12 weeks old the kids will be ready to go to their new homes – balance paid on collection.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are lucky enough to have a selection of female kids we will be holding some back until all kids are born before deciding which girls we would like to stay with the herd.

Price: Wethers – Castrated male pygmy goat kids – £200.00
Price: Entire male pygmy goat kids (by arrangement) – £300.00
Price: Female pygmy goat kids – £300.00

Any and all additional cost re exporting will be on top of the above costs. I will possibly be exporting goats in 2020.


Brucklay Pygmy Kids

  • 2 x Males - Keats & Kippling

    Dam: Etti - 2 x Males Keats & Kippling - Kippling Reserved Moulds, Keats Reserved Mitchell

  • 1 x Female Kitty

    Dam: Glenclova Female - Kitty Reserved Frazer

  • 1 x Female Kizzy

    Dam: Glenclova - Female - Kizzy Reserved Campbell

  • 1 x Male Kane

    Dam: Domino Male - Kane Reserved Hendrey

  • 1 x Female Kenya

    Dam: Domino Female - Kenya Reserved Allen

  • 1 x Female Kiki

    Dam: Faith Female - Kiki Reserved Frazer

  • 1 x Female Kako

    Dam: Faith - Female - Kako Reserved Herd

  • 1 x Male Kirk

    Dam: Tilly Male - Kirk Reserved Hendrey

  • 1 x male Kingston

    Dam: Jodie - Male - Kingston Reserved Frazer

  • 1 x Female Kansas

    Dam Piper - Female - Kansas Reserved Allen

  • 2 x Males - K9 & K2

    Dam Jamaica - 2 x Males (wethers) K9 & K2 Reserved Mitchell

  • 2 x Males - Knobi & Knox

    Dam Willow - 2 x Male (wethers) Knobi & Knox Reserved Stewart

  • 1 x Males - Knight

    Dam Elli - 1 x Male (wether at front) Knight Reserved Allen

  • 1 x Males - Kean

    Dam Elli - 1 x Male (wether) Kean Reserved Allen

  • 1 x Male - Kyle

    Dam Jordan - 1 x Male (wether) Kyle - Reserved Fenn

  • 1 x Male - Kent

    Dam Jordan - 1 x Male (wether) Kent - Reserved Fenn