Pygmy goats make excellent pets because they are easy to raise and handle, they are small, fun, affectionate, inquisitive and playful. They need shelter, food, company and like some sort of structure to climb and butt on. They will pretty much come when called – and at feed time will beat you to their house. They are very entertaining.

2019 kidding season has started – 9 girls have kidded and 2 to go and there could be a late one too – on the whole it’s been good – things are going to get busy – saying that having had Border Collie Puppies over Christmas I am used to busy – in fact life is always busy. Keeping fingers crossed for easy kiddings and healthy kids.

Brucklay Pygmy Goats have Moved – If I knew what moving a smallholding would be like before we started I wouldn’t have entertained the idea – but there you go – hindsight is a great thing. We moved south out of Aberdeenshire into Perth & Kinross and closer to family – everything has to be started from scratch so we have a good few years of hard work – but also exiting times. Still renovating as I wrote that some time ago but hopefully this year 2019 I will get a propar home to live in.

Please Note – pygmy goats are not good “mowers” if you have ground you want mowed give Shetland sheep a thought – come and see our flock who eat out of our hands, come to a bucket and love attention.

If you would like further information or would like to visit please email.