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KIDS 2024

Info and Pics of kids available 2024

Kidding has now finished and all kids are reserved – please look out for us at agricultural shows,  pop by and say hello

Kidding 2023/24

Like other breeders we only sell goats in pairs unless they are going to an existing herd.

If you would like a chat, call 07767 485142 or email


There are a number of steps you need to take before you move goats onto your holding in order to operate within the requirements of the law:

  1. Firstly, you must register your holding with the Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID) through your local office. They will give you a County Parish Holding (CPH) number which is a unique code allocated to the land where animals are kept – this is used when reporting and recording animals moving on to or off your holding.
  2. You must then inform your local Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) office who will give you a herd mark for your holding. The herd mark means you will be able to buy tags and electronic identifiers for your goats.

If you are interested in having a pygmy goat in the future please get in touch.
1. Viewing the herd is welcome most of the year except when the girls are pregnant.
1. Viewing of kids is welcome after mum and kids are settled.
2. Reservations will only be confirmed with a deposit of £75 for wethers, £150 for females & entire males.
3. At around 12 weeks old the kids will be ready to go to their new homes – balance paid on collection.

There is now new rules regarding the registration of entire males with the Pygmy Goat Club.

From 1st January 2022 anyone wishing to register a male kid, will not be able to do so until that kid is 6 MONTHS of age. A completed new registration form, with additional questions, including the names and registrations of the Grand Sire & Dam will be required. This will need to be accompanied by two clear colour photographs, one of each side of the goat, together with a short VIDEO showing the goat’s mouth, teats, testicles, rear view, side views and of the goat walking.

This video will then be sent to 2 ‘A’ listed judges, who will decide and assess the goat for suitability for entering the PGC Herd Book. Should their decision be inconclusive a 3rd judge will be called upon to make a final decision. If the judges decide the kid is not suitable the owner is entitled to re-apply.

Assessments can take place at shows where possible, if owners prefer, and where 2 A listed judges are present. (This would be carried out in the strictest confidence in an area away from other exhibitors at the show). If a kid is ultimately deemed not suitable for the Herd Book it will be eligible to be entered into the Pet Record once it has been wethered.

For Male Kids being assessed for suitability into The Pygmy Goat Herd Book, here are step by step instructions you will need to follow when making your video to enable Judges to carry out thorough assessments.

1. State the name of Goat and DOB.
2. Stand the goat to allow the left side to be seen.
3. Stand the goat to allow the right side to be seen.
4. Show the goat standing from the front.
5. Show the goat standing from the rear.
6. Show the goat’s mouth.
7. Show the goat’s teats, including the area around the base of the teats, and the orifice.
8. Show the goat’s scrotum. Gently lift it to show that there are 2 even healthy testicles within the scrotal sac.
9. Show the front view of the goat walking.
10. Show the rear view of the goat walking.

PLEASE NOTE: if we are lucky enough to have a selection of female kids we will be holding some back until all kids are born before deciding which girls we would like to stay with the herd.


Wethers – Castrated male pygmy goat kids – pet registered £300.00

Entire male pygmy goat kids (by arrangement) – herd book registered £450.00

Female pygmy goat kids – herd book registered £400.00

Kids 2023/24

Please Note: If you are looking for an entire male please notify us asap as males will be caustrated before too long.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT disbud our goats so they will have horns.

Please read all the information on this page and do your own research if you are a first time pygmy goat owner.

The deposit is non refundable.

We are very happy to show you how to clip their feet – it’s just like cutting your nails.

Please find below the kids we have had this year, a couple are staying with the herd and I am just putting the info up so viewers can see the diversity of the kids.

There will be more images on the 2024 gallery page but it is a random assortment!!

If you would like further info please email or

Please note we take reservations on a first come first served basis after a chat so I know where they are going.

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