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About Brucklay Pygmy Goats …. continued

The natural progression of things was kids and kidding. It is the best time and the worst time, you can’t wait for it to start and can’t wait for it and all the stress to be over but come next autumn time those memories have faded and off they go to the billy again!!!

I had chosen the herd name Brucklay after the estate we live on and decided to start with the letter B – so that year we had 4 boys and a girl, Blaze, Bronson, Bandit, Blake and Bess – I was hooked.

We started to show going to our local one Turriff, it was a wonderful day out talking to lots of other goat mad people, learning from them, looking at shiny hurdles, agri kit etc and the obligatory ice cream.

I guess you are always learning with animals and what went wrong last year won’t be the worst thing this year!

A move back to Perthshire meant the goats got their new barn and kitted out how I thought it would work best for me – improvements and modifications are always in the back of my mind but I think that’s normal for goat people.

I now breed about 10 females a year, all of my original girls are retired and have a separate area well away from the billies. I have 3 billies, Rocket, Bennevis and Kincaid, one is white with black, one is black with white and the other is Blue.

So that is the story so far …….